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    CONTRACTING PAYROLL COMPLIANCEDid you know contract workers' pay is frequently processed incorrectly by payroll companies?

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    HOW COMPLIANT ARE YOU?Free B2B Health Check to learn if your contracting operation is fully compliant!

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    WOULD YOU PASS OR FAIL?or any other regulating body, are you sure you will be 100% compliant?

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    GDPR PAYROLL COMPLIANCEIs your business ready and compliant for GDPR?

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    WOULD YOU LIKE TO SAVE 20% ON YOUR CASH FLOW?We can help Contractors significantly improve their cashflow using our unique contracting payroll process

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    WHO LOVES DOING ADMIN WORK?Then talk to HCRU as we can reduce your administration by up to 80%

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    HAVE YOU BEEN AFFECTED BY CONTRACT WORKERS, HAVING THE REQUIRED TRAINING?Ever had a contract worker arrive on site without the proper training such as asbestos awareness?

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    A SOLUTION TO REDUCE CONTRACT WORKERS' PAPERWORK Let HCRU show you how we can reduce your paperwork so you can focus on your job

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    CONTRACT WORKERS BUSINESS INSURANCE & TOOLSWhether or not you have business insurance or the right equipment, HCRU can guarantee to reduce your costs

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    CONTRACT WORKERS TAX RETURNS & COMPLIANCEQualified Accountant filing your Tax Return and annual accounts packge with management software, from only £35 per month

How Contracting Payroll should be done

Why HCRU is so different from other payroll companies and why to entrust us with your contract payroll

B2B Payroll Process Software


Enables businesses to outline the key elements of  agreements in a B2B contract

Timesheet Runs

Contract workers timesheets are converted into invoices, taxation and VAT calculations

Client Account

Contractor payments to HCRU are placed in a secure client payment account

Payment Guarantee

Contract workers payments are paid the same day, if received by 1pm

Payment Notifications

Workers and contractors are alerted when payments have been processed and paid

B2B Payroll Compliance

Right to Work

It is a legal requirement to verify if a person can work for you under contract

CIS Verification

Contract workers under CIS must first verify a set  of legal requirements by HMRC

CIS Monthly Returns

Every contractor and any subcontractors they pay must submit to HMRC monthly

HMRC Intermediaries

Every business under this guideline must submit quarterly reports to HMRC 

Compliance Tracking

It is a legal obligation to track compliance data such as ‘Right to Work’

The processes above ensure contractors or contract workers involved in B2B contracts are fully compliant.
HCRU is not like other payroll companies, as we investigate the entire B2B contracting compliance areas and record all the data.

What does this mean for our clients?

Peace of mind, as we can do all the work for your business, or you can chose to do your own compliance checks using our advance software. Regardless which route, our software reduces your administration whilst ensuring your readiness for any potential compliance audit.

Contract Payment Specialists

Are you a contractor or subcontractor requiring a B2B contracting payment service?

HCRU is not like a typical payroll company, we are a specialist payment service provider based around compliance.
Our innovative software ensures contractors and subcontractors using our services comply to B2B payment contract agreements.

Check out below as it briefly explains our 3 unique payment service packages. To know more call us on 0207 939 1914.

Standard Payments

We add subcontractors to our software and ensure each worker is compliant to operate a business in the UK.
This package allows our clients to send us the subcontractors timesheet runs and we process the payments. No access to our compliant software but can request payments and compliance reports.

Tracked Payments

Once HCRU has received workers timesheet runs, the contractor can login to our compliance software and track all payment runs completed by HCRU plus, track all subcontractors 'Right to Work' compliance data.
Software tracks all timesheets, invoices, passports, visas, UTRs, CITB, insurances and licences.

Compliance Payments

Contractors and subcontractors can access their portal and manange the entire 'Right to Work', 'Contracting' and 'Timesheet' seamlessly in the cloud or request HCRU to process the data. This feature empowers all parties to
access essential data in real-time and if ever audited
real-time access to all compliance information.

HCRU Services & Payment Solutions


Right to Work

If audited by the likes of HMRC, Home Office etc., could you demonstrate 'there and then' full compliance? Could you afford a civil penalty? Why take the risk when HCRU can take care of this for you by using our smart compliance tools! Learn more


B2B Contracting

Our compliance B2B contracting tool helps you to assign the right job contract to your subcontractors to accept or reject. Assign CIS status, rate card, job location, management fees, timesheet runs as weekly, fortnightly, 4-weekly and monthly. Learn more



Processing subcontractors timesheets has it challenges especially converting timesheets into invoices, calculating CIS taxation, materials and plant fuel, VAT, management fees etc. HCRU can take all off these problems away with our integrated payment software.



Our self-billing platform allows HCRU to process thousands of invoices 'there and then', allowing the contractor and their subcontractors to login to their secure portals to view and track all payments, tax deductions, VAT and payment statements to the processed invoices.


HMRC & Taxation Services

Managing and process subcontractors data to HMRC needs to be accurate or you find yourself with a fine. Let HCRU CIS, VAT and Expenses calculator tools do this for you, giving you and your subcontractors the peace of mind that HMRC is kept up to date.



Operating a business as Limited, Partnership or Sole Trader must operate a legit UK business, if not, the penalties can be very severe. Our software helps protects the main contractor, tcontractors and subcontractors from non-compliance. Peace of mind technology from HCRU

Request a support service

Tick the appropriate support service you require and then complete the form and submit to us



on requesting a support service

Thank you for your request and one of our advisors will be in contact with you shortly
If you do not here from us within 24 hours, please call us on 0207 939 1914

Our office hours are Mon - Fri 9am to 5.50pm

HCRU support services helping you improve compliance within the workplace


After checking out many payroll companies, I came across HCRU and was amazed how great it was, CIS verification done, create my own compliance contracts, easy to assign timesheets and, HCRU processed my subbies contract pay on time every time. HCRU even audited me to make sure I was operating my business correctly.
On top of this HCRU provided me a compliance and invoicing control panel, this allowed me to track all my subbies compliance data and payments processed by HCRU.
If I am ever audited I know I am protected by HCRU compliance software. Amazing software, amazing service and very competitive pricing, 5 stars from me.

Laura Jeffery - W12 Group Director